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Peter Halley's Magic Carpet #8 Peter Halley's Magic Carpet #8 Peter Halley's Magic Carpet #8

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Peter Halley's Magic Carpet #8

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Magic Carpet #8 is a vibrant masterpiece designed by acclaimed artist Peter Halley.

Crafted from ECONYL® regenerated yarn, this mesmerizing carpet transcends traditional boundaries, serving as both a functional decor piece and a captivating expression of creativity.

Inspired by Halley's signature graphic theme, the Exploding Cell, this carpet features a dynamic interplay of interconnected rectangles adorned with intensely colored curvilinear arabesques.

This carpet commands attention and sparks conversation wherever it goes, transcending time and space.

Each rug will be sold with the original Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist.
With each purchase, you contribute to the Alba Chiara Association's mission to end domestic abuses.

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  • B-Corporation
  • Healthy Seas Member
  • Second-Hand

Size: 155 x 254 cm

This carpet is Purple framed

This carpet is made of ECONY® regenerated nylon

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

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